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Vinyl: 18,-- € (plus 2,-- P&P)

When Summer Goes



Stage Fever

Song for T


Another Little Snow-White

When Summer Goes



Silent Way

Jealious 'Minds

Still Playin'

Mr. S

Enough Now


10,-- €
(plus 2,-- P&P)

Dirty Laws



Rocking To Your Heart

One Never Learns

Baby, Baby, bye, bye

Come Back

Make Me Feel So Fine

Better Keep Cool

Dirty Laws

Can't Let You Go

The Georgia Song



Recorded at the Athens-Music Studio, Athens - GA,  by Herb Guthrie

Unplugged and Live



Hellarryious Summer

New in Town


Mr. Creech

You Gotta Keep Cool

Dirty Laws


recorded live at the Radio Studio Lippstadt

Songs for the Road



J.R. Walker  the Cheap Wiskey Band (USA) - Redheaded Woman

Get Rhythm (D/GB) - Dirty Laws

Sattelite Boys (D) - My Way

G'Loyd (D) - Watching Movies

Fahrenheit (GB) - Life Goes On

Die Band (D) - Gambler

Crawlin' Kingsnakes (N) - My Babe

Georgia Sattelites (USA) - Stadion

Georgia Sattelites (USA) - Someone Else

Intermezzo - The Sound of Harley Davidson

Graaf (D) - Metal Techno

Songs from Blues Alley



Get Thru

House & A Dog

Another Mother

My Company

Going Train Blues

I Can't Control Myself

Homewards Bound


Pray On*

Buzzin_ Bee Blues


* written by George Creech, Tifton GA, USA

10,-- € (plus 2,-- P&P)

The Cumberland Tracks




Stop Talking Baby

Who Can Tell

Helplessly in Love

On the Way to New Orleans

New In Town

Yesterday's Gone*

Get II

Always True

Out In the World


*lyrics co-written by George Creech, Tifton GA, USA




Something Big

Washed Away

Northern Lights


Yesterday's Gone (1)

No Lady

To the North

Real Friends

Don't let me Down


Time Won't Wait (2)


(1) lyrics co-written by George Creech, Tifton GA, USA

10,-- € (plus 2,-- P&P)

alking in my Shoes
What you see is what you get
Crazy about you
That's where they got the Blues
Undercover Agent (1)
Give up on me
Smalltown Blues
Hold my Hand
It's all in you
You feel me

1) lyrics by Norbert Kaufmann

10,-- € (plus 2,-- P&P)
blues for blues

Lip Service
Walking in my Shoes
It's hot in here
Somewhere down deep
Sad, sad Sunday
Soul Searching
Angel from Montgomery
Something's got a hold on me
You can have my Husband
Yokohama Blues

Blue Alley Ways

SAy Yeah
Carousel of Thoughts
Wasting my Time
Having a Ball tonight
No Return
Another Day
Hey Man
Blue Alley Ways
Always in Motion
The Train Song